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Ravizza Simplicita Bag Smart 400H bag forming and filling machine
  • Ravizza Simplicita Bag Smart 400H bag forming and filling machine

Ravizza Simplicita Bag Smart 400H bag forming and filling machine



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  • Ravizza Simplicita Bag Smart bag forming and filling machine:


    Simplicita Bag Smart has been designed to give total flexibility in the minimum floor space. Its flexible design allows both manual and automatic operations. The machine's design also gives total flexibility regarding the product loading and exiting making integration into a small manual/semi automatic packing cell or fully automatic line very easy.


    Machine operation:

    Starting from a reel of lay flat tubing, Simplicita Bag Smart produces the bags, which are presented with the open face up, ready for either manual/ semi automatic or fully automatic loading. Once the product to be packed has been loaded, the machine seals the bag and presents another open bag for the next product.


    Main characteristics:

    - Reel replacement less than 60 second

    - Machine cycle speed: up to 42 bags per minute (subject to bag size and items to be packed)

    - Adjustable mouth opening

    - Bag exit from any direction 

    - Machine standard working height 870mm

    - Memory store and recall of machine settings (such as bag type, bag length, temperature, sealing times, etc.)

    - Aluminium exruded structure with metallic grey ABS material cover (all colour on request)

    - Possibility to produce empty bags for hand packing

    - Minimised product fall

    - Possibility to place hands direct into bag (subject to bag size)

    - Easy to move ( castors on request)

    - Easy to use multi language control panel with prompts and password protection to three levels

    - Operator can load standing or sitting

    - Operator friendly diagnostics


    Technical data:

    Film: Layflat tubing

    Thickness film: 30/120 µ

    Reel width: 40/400 mm

    Bag length: 30 mm/ infinite

    Reel diameter: 300 mm

    Reel weight: 25 Kg max

    Power supply: 220/240 V single phase

    Air supply preasure: 5/7 bar (I.D pipe 10 mm)

    Machine size: 820 x 1002 x h1144 mm

    Machine weight: 100 Kg





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