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Form-fill-sealing machines

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This well-established technology is widely used in numerous industries food and non-food alike. It is especially useful in applications where the same product needs to be packaged in large quantities. These systems may be grouped into two classes: horizontal and vertical design. They all deliver a three seal package, seals at both ends of the product and a third on a longitude line.

The horizontal F/F/S systems are used for chocolates, bakery products, machine parts, etc. Since these systems can deliver a speed up to 300 packages/min., often the product is delivered to the machine by feeding lines. The vertical F/F/S systems are used to package small items like chips, cookies, biscuits, etc. Often these systems are coupled with a weighing system or possible some other feeders. In additions, the products which are already packages may be connected to automatic packaging lines at the back – end of the machines.

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