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Product Details

SIAT Kompatto Doboznyomtató
  • SIAT Kompatto Doboznyomtató
  • SIAT Kompatto Doboznyomtató
  • SIAT Kompatto Doboznyomtató

SIAT Kompatto Doboznyomtató

  • The Kompatto is an ink-jet marker easy to set up, use and maintain. It has been designed and maufactured to achieve reliability, cost effectiveness and compactness in carton box marking.

    Technical features

    • Keyboard, control unit and ink pump integrated into the printing head.
    • Possibility to select the printing height from 13mm to 18mm
    • Possibility to adjust the writting width
    • Possibility to adjust the dot dimension
    • Alphanumeric keyboard with multilingual display

    DOTS DIMENSIONS: In order to have a limited ink consumption, the operator is able to selet the dots dimensios, the 13 or 18 mm priting heiht as well as the writing width and the light or heavy type according to his needs.

    KEYBOARD: Thanks to an alphanumeric keyboard which is integrated into the marker, the operator is able to check and program the control unit through the display.

    TANK: The ink tank is supplied with an easy replaceable filter. Proper inks and detergents must be water based. For a better running of the marker Siat inks and detergents are suggested.

    PRINTING HEAD: The magic eye to start the cycle is integrated into the unit in order  to improve its safety and functionality. Its support are safe and easy to adjust. Kompatto design allows to apply the marker to packaging machines and conveyors also when little room is available.

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