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Skin and blister packaging

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SKIN PACKAGING is a widely used method to protect and temper-proof non-food products which are rigid and will maintain their shape under pressure. The process involves the placement of the product onto a cardboard. A plastic barrier material on top of the cardboard is heated and by applying vacuum the plastic sheet is pulled over the cardboard, thereby forming a protective layer around the product and fixing it to the cardboard. A cutting process may be required to separate multiple products during the operation.

BLISTER packaging is a process, which is mostly used for temper-proofing non-food products. The package configuration is also excellent for display purposes. The technique involves sealing an already pre-made blister (made either from rigid PVC or PET) onto a cardboard, which is sealed onto a cardboard or an other plastic sheet or shell. The cardboard is usually printed with decorative or product information. In more advanced uses the complete shell of the blister is made of plastic material and it may include several products in the blister shell. The sealing of the blister may be done with heat in easier applications or use high energy sealing technique. As noted above, materials used in this process are cardboard, PET or PVC.

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